Built in 2011, Giftiki was a collaborative gifting platform focused on micro-donations. We were a seed funded startup at a time when social was hot. I owned Design including mobile and web products, branding and identity, and marketing. It was a fantastic growth experience.

On your birthday, friends and family far and near could give together, helping you get the big ticket item you really wanted. Highly illustrative and colorful, Giftiki felt like a celebration. It felt the way birthdays ought to.

As co-founder of the design studio Public School in Austin, I had been working as a designer & art director for various web and marketing projects. When Bryan Jowers, friend and founder of Giftiki, sold me on his startup dream, I picked up and moved to San Francisco. It was an opportunity to work with friends, build a meaningful product, and set up the foundation for a career in design.

Over the next year and half, we worked hard on the dream. We launched mobile first but released the first web version soon after.

From web version 1:

MyWant feature from web version 1.1:

From web version 2:

Several feature roll outs, two app versions, a few marketing stunts, celebrity relationships, a huge SXSW street party, and lots of illustrations later we decided to move on. We had built an amazing product, but hadn’t found a true market for it.