Beats Music

Beats Music was a music streaming service with heart. From 2013 to 2015, I contributed as a senior designer.

Beats Music was initiated by Beats Electronics, of Beats by Dre fame. It went head to head with market leader Spotify, offering a new kind of music experience. That experience was focused on personalized music recommendations and real-life human curation.

I joined the team in early 2013. Visionary leaders such as CEO Ian Rogers and Chief Creative Officer Trent Reznor attracted me to the project. A great love and passion for music, and a reverence for the important role it plays in our lives solidified my interest.

As the company’s first design hire, I worked closely with director Ryan Goodman to build a world class design team. In one year, that team shaped a bold, dramatic, geometric interface and launched a stunning product on 5 platforms.

With mobile in a good place, I jumped on and led design efforts for our web product. Entirely unrealized, I worked closely with engineering to push an MVP followed by frequent feature updates. The web player was visually agressive, matching mobile in its stylish and dramatic stature.

Prototyping was a necessary part of the web design process. It helped my team feel and understand the design, and eventually acted as a guide for our engineers. Below are two studies I developed with our motion designer Antonio Alucema.

Adding music motion:

Just For You / Highlights motion:

At Beats, I gained valuable experience to propel me forward. I helped build a design team of 14 talented folks. I directed and collaborated with members of my team, and worked closely with product & engineering to ship features. I also learned to work with some very big personalities.

The Beats Music team set out to bring heart and soul into music streaming. It worked, and the world’s most loved company took notice. In the summer of 2015, Beats Music was acquired by Apple.