Other Projects

I work on passion projects from time to time. Below are some of my favorites.

Dopediddley Adventures of Norm & Norm

...is a tale of two wide-eyed worms and their kaleidoscopic journey to find home. I wrote and illustrated the playful saga.

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Nerdfall was a game created to sell my team. That team was one designer (me), a technical product lead, a front-end friend, and two engineers. We created the game in four days in February of 2013.

The game was themed around startup life, and silicon valley's many personalities. Gameplay was simple: funding dries up, and the nerds are in free fall. Grab green items like good press and investor meetings while you fall. Hit red items like critical bugs and server fires and it's game over.

Srsly Sorry

Srsly Sorry is a blog I created in 2010. Inspired by successful examples like Texts from Last Night and Lamebook, Srsly Sorry is a showcase for hilarious, absurd, and intriguing apologies or confessions. The blog received some attention and a handful of entertaining apologies, but it failed to gain significant traction.